Bela-Bela residents concerned over ‘incomplete’ projects in the area

Some residents in the Bela-Bela Local Municipality in Limpopo say they are concerned about the lack of progress in the construction of two stadiums and a power station.

Construction at the projects has been at a stand-still for more than two years.

Residents say they want the projects to be completed and service the community.

The construction of a R6-million power station at Leseding in Bela-Bela stopped in 2018 due to a lack of funds. The stadium at Bela-Bela location, which was allocated R12 million is without a grandstand and a proper pitch.

Soccer goalposts are also damaged.

Work that has been completed at the stadium includes toilets, change rooms, four floodlights, and a borehole.

The second stadium in another part of Bela-Bela location, which was allocated R5.8 million has a grandstand, lights, borehole, and toilets.

Residents say they were looking forward to utilising the stadiums.

“The stadium is just a picture (sic). There’s nothing going on. I don’t see anything going on at the stadium, but there are no changes that are happening. Indeed, I feel like they must finish up those stadiums so that we can go and participate. It has been a while. They have been doing those things for long. We must make events there.”

DA Chiefwhip in Bela-Bela, Kepile Mothokwa says an investigation must be instituted to establish reasons behind incomplete work at the project.

“We don’t want to deal with one project, which we can single out, especially the power station, we are getting inside of it … we know that for those things not to finish there’s something deeper that the people are hiding.”

The Bela-Bela Municipality says construction at the power station was stopped because of an insufficient budget.

Spokesperson Kabelo Mosito says they want to do maintenance before handing over the two stadiums to the community.

“The issue of the sub-station … there was a budget that was allocated. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to complete the project. Our stadiums …  Moloto Stadium and Samsa Stadium are ready to be used. What only has to happen is for us, as the municipality, to maintain to make sure that they are in good standing and make sure that they are in good standards and officially open it for the public.”